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Know your processes

The process of confirming QWE at the end is much simpler now. Supervisors will be automatically notified to access their MySRA account and confirm the work.


What is the new system of qualification?

The way in which aspiring solicitors can qualify in England and Wales has now changed. Do you know what the new rules are?


Managing and confirming qualifying candidates

QWE must involve providing legal services defined by The Legal Services Act 2007 (s. 12) which defines legal activity and can help you decide whether the role consists in delivering legal services. 

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Your organisation's approach to qualifying work experience

The SRA has published guidance on a few areas law firms and other providers of legal services may want to consider when thinking about how they approach QWE.


How to build your LawQWE profile and showcase your organisation

As a Premium LawQWE employer, you can build your bespoke company profile on our site. 

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