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Opening the door to your legal career with paralegal jobs

Start your legal career with a paralegal job, apprenticeship or training contract to gain qualifying work experience (QWE) with top employers to support your qualification route now. Don't forget to write a personalised cover letter if that's what the employer's asked for. If you don't, you won't be shortlisted for the role.

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Our mission

To open the legal sector to anyone with the ability to qualify as a legal professional and to ensure that the demands of the legal sector, for diverse talent serving diverse needs, are met. LawQWE by Hook Tangaza is a new careers portal for the legal sector connecting employers with diverse paralegal talent at different stages of qualification. This is not just a legal recruitment job site. We promote a more holistic way for paralegals and aspiring solicitors to think about their legal career and build their QWE when and how they want.


Why sign up with us?

We are the only legal recruitment site offering complete wrap-around support to candidates seeking paralegal and other trainee QWE experience while employers can showcase their organisation and attract the most diverse legal talent on the market.

Your paralegal QWE journey starts here...

How can LawQWE help you?

If you are an aspiring lawyer, we have all of the relevant information to help you understand the legal sector, collate your QWE, and apply for the best QWE roles. Seamlessly upload your CV and start building your QWE profile for employers to see now. Sign up with us today and we will give you a discount code for one of BARBRI's next prep courses. 

We are delighted to be collaborating with LawQWE as a new, innovative and exciting platform to help our SQE students improve their career readiness and support them on their journeys into the profession. BARBRI                 

Featured paralegal and trainee roles

If you want to make the shortlist, you MUST include a detailed cover letter demonstrating how your skills and experience align with the role.

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Lyons Davidson
locationBristol, UK
PublishedPublished: Published 1 week ago
No logo available
Get Recruited (UK) Ltd
locationRailway Rd, Blackburn BB1 1EZ, UK
PublishedPublished: Published 3 weeks ago
Logo for job Training Contract - 2025 - Birkett Long
Birkett Long Solicitors
PublishedPublished: Published 1 week ago
No logo available
McKinlay Law
locationUnited Kingdom
PublishedPublished: Published 1 month ago
Logo for job Paralegal - In-house - Bank of China
Bank of China (UK)
locationLondon, UK
PublishedPublished: Published yesterday
No logo available
Moore Barlow LLP
locationEastleigh, UK
PublishedPublished: Published 2 months ago

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Know your legal self

We want to inspire lawyers to think about what sort of role might be best for them. This could be determined by many factors, and personality type will play a role. We decided to match the 16 personality types described by with different types of legal job. We compared notes with ChatGPT and combined our thoughts. Click the links below to find out more.

candi hub

Candidate hub

Our candidate hub has everything you will need to know about QWE and applying for roles with legal teams.

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We have a range of roles from the voluntary sector to Magic Circle

High quality, enhanced job search service with roles in different legal sectors

We attract roles from a wide range of employers and don't just focus on the big firms. We want candidates to have access to a variety of roles, previously overlooked by legal recruitment sites. Providing access not only to high-quality paid work experience opportunities but also to enhanced job search, CV tool, and much more.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion sit at the heart of our ethos

We want the profession to be open to everyone and reflect the society we live in. See our section on financial support and work schemes supporting candidates to complete their studies or their QWE. Using our expertise, we can provide employers with access to a pool of talented, diverse, high-quality legal talent. 

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The legal profession is changing

Employers tell us they want realistic, resourceful candidates who know what they are getting into before they accept a role. Candidates want flexible roles in charities as well as city firms and more importantly, they want to be given a chance. The new entry points and pathways to qualification provide the legal sector with a unique opportunity to break entrenched recruitment practices and evolve into a more meritocratic diverse profession.

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We will be the go-to careers portal for employers and candidates in the pre-qualification legal talent marketplace

LawQWE is the only careers portal in the legal sector that focuses on supporting those seeking qualifying work experience opportunities prior to qualification in their chosen legal career.  

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