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How to build your LawQWE profile and showcase your organisation

As a Premium LawQWE employer, you can build your bespoke company profile on our site. Use this as your shop window uploading dynamic content and whatever you feel candidates need to know about your company before applying.

Register as a new employer today and start building your profile.

Use your profile to show the persona of your organisation

You can add all sorts of dynamic content here and showcase your company and give candidates an idea of the culture and expectations.

Some big firms are already creating 'a day in the life' TikTok videos. This could be the space to showcase the sort of dynamic content that will get your message across to candidates.
Our new skills profiling tool for candidates will help you match with the right candidates for the role

Find new legal talent with the right skills to develop and grow your business

LawQWE offers employers a range of flexible tools and products to highlight your business and your people and ensures you can recruit the best legal talent for your business while ensuring the legal profession of tomorrow is highly skilled, diverse and trained to meet client needs.

Our skills profiling tool asks carefully crafted questions about how the candidate likes to work and what kind of work stimulates them the most. The tool will collate the answers and transfer them into specific skills and attributes that will help you and the candidate form the perfect fit.
Tired of recruiting the same candidates with the same backgrounds and qualifications? Has that really worked for you in the past? You are missing out on a diverse pool of candidates with different backgrounds, transferrable skills, and life experience and now, you will find them here.

Nurture and grow new diverse talent and support their route to qualification

You can start to change the culture of your organisation one candidate at a time by thinking out of the tried and tested box and utalising a new way to recruit diverse junior legal talent.

Register as a LawQWE employer today and start building your profile.
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Premium employer profile

Want to make yourself highly visible to applicants?

Contact us about our premium employer profile product which gives you access to enhanced features and where you can upload your own dynamic content

Promote your organisation

Use our premium profile product to bring yourself to the attention of applicants that you are keen to recruit.

Cost effective recruitment

While you can always use our basic or premium one-off job ad products, you may find it more cost effective to purchase one of our buy 4 get 1 free job ad bundles.

Flexible recruitment options

Choose to receive initial applications to your LawQWE application job manager area and be alerted when new applications arrive. Or direct applicants to your existing in-house careers portal. Your choice!

Easy payments

We provide you with the option to purchase a job ad as you go or buy credits in advance, ready for when you want to redeem them for one of our products. This can be done via credit card or by invoice in arrears. You choose the best model for your business.

LawQWE has officially launched

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