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Managing and confirming qualifying candidates

The process of confirming QWE at the end is much simpler now. Supervisors will be automatically notified to access their MySRA account and confirm the work.

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What is QWE?
QWE must involve providing legal services defined by The Legal Services Act 2007 (s. 12) which defines legal activity and can help you decide whether the role consists in delivering legal services. 

What counts as QWE?

The two years of full-time (or equivalent) QWE can be split across four organisations as long as a qualified solicitor confirms the experience, typically the trainee's supervisor.  QWE may take shape in the form of a law degree placement year, working for a law clinic, as a paralegal within a law firm, or with an in-house legal team. Also, QWE may be advertised as a training contract or as a solicitor apprenticeship.

DID YOU KNOW? Candidates can gain QWE before, during, or after they sit their SQE assessments. They can also use experience from previous roles without any time limitations, giving candidates more flexibility to qualification. 
Watch this space for our new QWE e-Journal

Candidates manage their own QWE

Candidates are responsible for managing their own QWE and are encouraged to use our QWE e-Journal which is an interactive portfolio designed for collating QWE and enables more reflective learning.

Basic candidate members get free access to our downloadable QWE recording template matched against all of the SRA competencies.
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What does a candidate supervisor need to do?

1. Supervise the casework undertaken by candidate 2. Review candidate's performance regularly 3. Conduct appraisals of candidate's overall performance


Confirming a candidate's QWE

Once the candidate is ready to officially record the QWE with the SRA, they will do so via their own MySRA account and the supervisor will then receive an email notification to log into their own MySRA account and confirm the QWE digitally.



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