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Know how to make the new system of qualification work for you

The SQE and the QWE element within it provide employers with a fantastic opportunity to grow your early legal workforce in a way and at a time and cost that works for your business

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How LawQWE can help you?

If you are a law firm or organisation providing legal services and looking for paralegals but not sure about the new system or routes to qualification, we have hundreds of high calibre aspiring lawyers signed up to our site looking to be matched with paralegal opportunities.


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Know your processes 

As the legal profession welcomes the next generation of solicitors via the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE), employers are adapting to new qualifying work experience (QWE) pathways for their teams. So what do you need to know?


Know your candidates 

There are multiple pathways and routes into the legal profession now and the work done as part of a paralegal's accreditation can often count as QWE. 


Know our products and services

LawQWE products are designed to suit all your recruitment needs. Order a standard job ad, purchase a bespoke training contract or apprenticeship ad or upgrade to a premium ad to get noticed! 


Are you a criminal advice provider?

Did you know when taking on your paralegals, you could support them through the police accreditation and confirm that as prior QWE and get them qualified and higher fee earning for you sooner?


Are you an Immigration advice provider?

Get your paralegals accredited and confirm this as previous QWE and retain your qualified solicitor.

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