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From building the perfect profile to understanding what kind of lawyers you need for your roles, it's all here.


How to build your LawQWE profile and showcase your organisation

As a Premium LawQWE employer, you can build your bespoke company profile on our site. Use this as your shop window uploading dynamic content and whatever you feel candidates need to know about your company before applying.


Products and Services

Check out our products and services for employers. Whatever the size of your organisation or your budget, we have something for you. 


What kind of paralegals are you looking for?

Get your candidates to take the personality test in the link below and then do our quick survey. We think aspiring lawyers really need to start thinking about their careers early on so we asked Chat GPT to tell us which areas of law align with which personality types. 

Want to speak to us about advertising opportunities?

Contact us and we will come back to you