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Resourcefulness and adaptability at work

The legal profession can be a demanding environment with high-pressure deadlines, complex cases, and stressed-out managers. Being able to bounce back and adjust to an ever-changing environment is going to be key to your success.

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What do we mean by resourcefulness?

Being resourceful refers to the ability to recover from difficult situations and setbacks. It means having the capacity to persist through challenges and being more inclined to find a way to overcome obstacles and continue moving forward.

This could be a stressed manager, a difficult client, or a challenging case.

What do we mean by adaptability?

Adaptability refers to the ability to adjust to changing circumstances, remain open to new ideas and approaches, and able to pivot when necessary to find the best solution to a problem.

This could mean adapting to new working conditions, locations, new laws and regulations, or technologies that impact the way you work.

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How to cultivate resourcefullness and adaptability at work

We are not born with these skills but they can most definitely be learned over time and they will help you navigate challenging situations at work. Here are our tips on how to cultivate resourcefulness and adaptability:

Learn to embrace change because it is inevitable and try to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Try to practice self-care and mindfulness to manage stress and reduce anxiety and build emotional resilience. Develop a growth mindset which means being open to feedback, reflective learning, taking on new challenges, and being willing to try new things.  Seek out diverse experiences and perspectives because exposure to different ideas and people will inform you and broaden your horizons.
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Why are they so important?

There is no doubt, by developing these traits, you are likely to be happier at work and your colleagues and employers will be happier with you. It's likely you will be:

Better equipped to handle the daily stress and challenges that are likely to come with your role Open to new opportunities and improved ways of working Better connected with your colleagues as people are more likely to want to engage with you Likely to be more satisfied at work and less likely to change jobs

There is a difference between being over confident and resourcefullness

While it's good to be resourceful, being overconfident is not a trait you want to exemplify. If you overpromise and you considerably underdeliver, no one is going to be impressed and if managers are trying to give you feedback, you need to 'read the room' and learn from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them.

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Seek support

Overwhelmed? Mind racing? Can’t sleep? The legal sector can be challenging and sometimes things can get on top of you. Seek support.