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We want to highlight the work of LawCare: a charity specifically supporting the wellbeing of the legal community

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How can LawCare help?

LawCare is an independent charity offering support to people working in the legal sector. They promote mental health awareness and confront the stigma associated with mental health issues. They have a dedicated helpline, a peer support programme, an informative website, and offer training and presentations for legal organisations. LawCare supports all branches of the legal sector, including paralegals, solicitors, barristers, advocates, judges, trainees, and business and support staff. They have worked with hundreds of legal workplaces over the years, and have listened to thousands of people about the stress, anxiety, bullying, and depression that they are experiencing. Lack of support or supervision, an overly critical manager, an unreasonably heavy workload, long hours, and sleep deprivation are all very common issues.

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We asked LawCare what the top 10 support requests from trainees and NQ's are

1. Career progression 2. Boundaries, long hours, work/life balance 3. Lack of support, supervision 4. Isolation 5. Impact on training, skills, development 6. Workload management/unpredictability 7. Anxiety about contacting, interrupting managers 8. Lack of confidence/imposter syndrome 9. Fear of making mistakes 10. Bullying

Do any of these resonate with you?

LawCare is a mental health charity for the legal sector

They run a free and confidential helpline that provides emotional support and is open from 9 am to 5 pm every weekday (except bank holidays). 

Call them on 0800 279 6888

Email them on

Chat online with them via their website.

It’s much better to seek help early on, rather than waiting for an issue to escalate, and many people who contact LawCare for emotional support wish they had got in touch earlier. Their free and confidential helpline provides a safe space to talk without judgement about whatever is on your mind. You can talk talk about issues at work or at home. 

They also offer training, resources, and research that promotes positive change in the culture and practices of legal workplaces.

Fit for law online training

Fit for Law is a collaboration between LawCare and academics at the University of Sheffield and The Open University. These free online courses promote psychologically and emotionally healthier ways of working in the law. Part one is about managing and understanding yourself, and part two is about working with others. Find out more about Fit for Law.