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Networking opportunities

Networking helps you connect with new people and build relationships which often leads to new business for your organisation and at the same time, won't do your career any harm.

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Why is networking important for both you and your employer?

Networking is an important life skill everyone needs to have nowadays. It improves your self-confidence, sharpens your interpersonal skills, and can inspire you to innovate and brainstorm new ideas. Aside from this, you will stay in the loop with what’s happening in other organisations and in different legal sectors.

For your employer, it can lead to new business for your firm which will make them immensely happy.
Social media can help you get more contacts. Make use of the discussion groups on social media sites and you'll access millions of people.

Where to network?

All opportunities to get out and about are networking opportunities. Work events are obviously good for mingling with interesting people. However, your own friend group events can also be equally great places to network because the people you are meeting come 'on referral', and friends can often vouch for them which helps build initial trust.

Also, look for opportunities outside of work or your normal friend circle. Join groups that share your interests, hobbies, politics, or passions. It's much easier to start chatting with someone when you have lots of things in common and multiple talking points.
Active listening is as important as talking
You probably won't learn much if you exclusively listen to the sound of your own voice

How to network successfully

Some easy networking tips:

Arrive early or on time and look smart and groomed to make a good first impression. Show a genuine interest and ask questions Have a short pitch about yourself on the ready if needed When talking about your work, show some passion Be genuine as people can spot an imposter a mile away and you will probably lose some credibility if people think you are being pretentious.

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