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What does it stand for?
Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Prospecting

Logician = INTP

INTPs are logical, curious, and enjoy intellectual challenges. They excel in research and are likely to be amongst the most interested in new technologies.



You enjoy theory more than any other personality trait. You are fascinated by research, patterns, hypotheses, possibilities, and options.


Finding the right job

You thrive in jobs where you can combine your imagination, inquisitiveness, and rational thinking skills. Your logical and curious mindset may align well with:

Intellectual property law Research-focused legal roles advising on or developing the law Cutting-edge areas of technology law Strategic Litigation

Preparing for your interview

Logicians sometimes have difficulty explaining their thoughts so bear that in mind when answering questions. Also, you have strong opinions so don't be afraid to express them in an interview if relevant.

TOP TIP Try not to over-think the questions and stick to talking about what you know

Remember, these are general suggestions, and individuals of each personality type may have different skills and interests that could lead them to excel in various legal roles. It's crucial for individuals to assess their own strengths, passions, and values when choosing a legal career path. 

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