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What does that stand for?
Extrovert, Sensitive, Thinking, Prospecting

Entrepreneurs = ESTP

You are energetic, adaptable, and enjoy taking risks. You thrive in fast-paced environments and excel in sales, entrepreneurship, or sports-related careers.



You need to find an interactive discipline that grabs and inspires you from the get-go. Once you have discovered this, there is literally no stopping you and you are likely to throw yourself into the process. Exploring with a purposeful emphasis on discovery will help start you on your chosen professional path.


Finding the right job

Your energetic and adaptable nature may make them well-suited for roles such as:

Starting your own legal practice, Advocacy Negotiator Finance Media law High-pressure advisory role for a demanding high net-worth individual

Preparing for your interview

You are already halfway there simply by being who you are. Capitalise on this by emphasising the fact you are a personality type that thrives once you have found your niche. Equally, you should be applying for roles that genuinely pique your interest. Otherwise, you will get bored and this will show.

TOP TIP Emphasise your personality type and how that makes you a good fit for the role