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What does that stand for?
Extrovert, Sensitive, Feeling, Prospecting

Entertainers = ESFP

You are outgoing, spontaneous, and enjoy engaging with people. You excel in entertainment or customer service roles.



You are independent and resourceful. You desire excitement, stimulation, and novelty. You enjoy human contact and working with people. Often your thirst for new challenges can be unquenchable and you do need to feel appreciated at work.


Finding the right job

ESFPs' outgoing and people-oriented nature could make you a natural ‘rainmaker’ in a law firm, alongside whatever area of practice you may be drawn to.

Criminal law NFP/Charitable sector PI Litigation Law Centres

Preparing for your interview

Smart managers notice quickly that it's useful and productive to have Entertainers on their team. You remain level-headed in difficult situations so just be yourself and the rest will follow.

TOP TIP You are easily likeable so focus more on knowledge about the role and the organisation in interview.