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We have just launched our new QWE confirmation service

If you have previous or current QWE but for whatever reason are unable to get this confirmed by the supervising solicitor, we are now launching our solicitor-lead QWE confirmation service to help you secure your legal career. Our QWE confirming solicitor can look at your QWE, ensure it meets the necessary standards and confirm it!

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What is confirming again?

QWE confirmation involves the verification of an individual's practical legal experience by a qualified solicitor or a COLP, who serves as a compliance officer within a legal practice. We have a qualified solicitor who can do this.

This confirmation ensures that the aspiring lawyer has gained the necessary skills and exposure to meet the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) standards.
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What you need to do

If you have some previous legal experience either in this country or abroad, we can assist you in having this work confirmed and potentially count as QWE. Provided you have maintained a detailed record of the work you have done, contact us by clicking the red link at the top or bottom of the page and we will help you get this work officially confirmed by a solicitor in the UK.

Please go to the SRA website for a QWE recording template.

Our confirming solicitor will review the record of your work

Our solicitor will review your record of QWE to ensure it meets the required standards set by the SRA. They may also discuss your experience with you to gain a deeper understanding.

Once that's all taken place our QWE confirming solicitor is satisfied, they will confirm your work and you can then proceed to upload it onto your SRA account.

Get on the road to qualification today

Click the link below to contact us and one of our team will come back to you