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What does it stand for?
Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging

Architects = INTJ

INTJs are strategic, analytical, and thrive on complex problem-solving.



You never stop learning and crave new ideas and innovation. You are efficient, steadfast, and inventive which are qualities that can help build up an organsation. You often carry your ideals throughout your career.


Finding the right job

You are likely to excel in technical, or leadership roles that require long-term planning and your preference for analytical and strategic thinking could lead to success in roles such as:

Corporate law Intellectual property law Tech/projects law Senior in-house legal advisor

Preparing for your interview

While Architects tend to be very good candidates in many fields, you often find it difficult to "sell" yourselves, therefore losing out to less qualified but better-prepared candidates.

TOP TIP Learn to be more comfortable highlighting your achievements and passions in interviews and be confident when talking about your strengths.

Remember, these are general suggestions, and individuals of each personality type may have different skills and interests that could lead them to excel in various legal roles. It's crucial for individuals to assess their own strengths, passions, and values when choosing a legal career path. 

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