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Legal Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a dynamic way for school leavers or graduates to enter the legal profession and qualify as solicitors with a mixture of practical experience in the workplace with a formal degree and postgraduate study.

What are organisations telling us?
Employers tell us they are increasingly looking to solicitor apprentice schemes as a way of injecting new diverse talent into their business

How do apprenticeships fit into the existing routes to qualification?

The law apprenticeships scheme is open to school leavers as a pathway into the legal profession. It combines practical experience in the workplace with a formal degree and postgraduate study. A graduate solicitor apprenticeship is another pathway to qualify for graduates by completing the Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE1 and SQE2). This means that you can join a firm with a degree or approved equivalent.

You’ll go to work and receive a full-time salary and get valuable, real-life experience in your chosen field while you earn a degree at the same time.
See the LawCAB site at for further details on paralegal apprenticeships.

What is the apprentice journey to becoming a solicitor?

There is a school leaver apprenticeship which is typically six years post-A-level, however, you can become an apprentice with prior learning.

For example, a LLB graduate can have accredited prior learning to reduce the apprenticeship length. This will depend on both the employer and the training provider.

What does it involve?

As an apprentice, you'll spend about a quarter of your working week studying and the rest of it working in a law firm. For example, many firms give their apprentices one day a week to do coursework. It will last from five to six years, but any previous legal training you’ve done might reduce this time.

The standards expected of apprentice solicitors are the same as those expected of all solicitors

You can find more information on the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) website and the government’s apprenticeship website.   

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