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What does it stand for?
Introvert, Sensitive, Feeling, Prospecting

Adventurers = ISFP

ISFPs are artistic, sensitive, and value personal expression.



You are unstoppable when you find opportunities to master a specific technique or niche that gives you the freedom to choose your preferred course of action.


Finding the right job

You excel in creative fields such as art, music, or design and your artistic and sensitive nature may be well-suited for areas such as:

Entertainment law Art law Legal advisors for creative professionals

Preparing for your interview

You tend to be spontaneous and may not want to spend time preparing for interviews. Adventurers tend to lose out in interviews when not prepared for common interview questions.

TOP TIP Spend a few minutes brainstorming some likely questions and drafting answers before the interview. Try to include a couple of smart questions to ask them at the end.

Remember, these are general suggestions, and individuals of each personality type may have different skills and interests that could lead them to excel in various legal roles. It's crucial for individuals to assess their own strengths, passions, and values when choosing a legal career path.

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